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Multifamily Brokers of Choice in Texas' Secondary and Tertiary Markets

From the Rio Grande Valley to the tip of the Panhandle, and from El Paso to Texarkana - We've got you covered

Go Getters Multifamily

There wasn’t a one-stop shop that provided all of the data that we were looking for, so we created it.  Our operations and marketing manager Lisa has recently made an awesome, interactive map that’s tied to our comp database and it’s been very useful to our clients so far.  We can quickly search for properties, identify comps, and provide relevant stats to multifamily operators and investors.

If you want market data and sales expertise in markets throughout Texas, call us!




When you’re buying:

Did you know that right now there are 186 properties on the market in TX, not including the ones in DFW, Houston, or Austin?

We keep up with all of the properties that come on the market in the areas that we cover.  On a weekly basis, our team goes through a list of over 40 sources to find out what’s available.  We realize that most active investors are on several brokers email blasts, but that represents just a portion of what’s actually available.  We search high and low to find out everything we can that’s available.


When you’re selling:

It’s crucial to know what you’re competing against when you go to market.  This will ensure that we put your property in the best competitive position to sell.  When we do BOVs and underwrite properties, we have a lot of actual data to back it up so you can count on getting offers at close to our price recommendation.  Certainty of execution is important, and having real data backing a proactive sales team is crucial to getting your property closed - that’s why you should call us!


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