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Tax Advantaged Ways to Sell Your Apartment Building

Many of our clients are stuck in the dilemma of wanting to sell while the market is high, knowing that they'll have a hard time replacing their investment. Buying something at today's prices that performs better than what they currently have, and doing it in a tax advantaged way is the biggest challenge in today’s market.

We’ve been researching other options that would benefit clients and heard about the Deferred Sales Trust. There are several things about it that make it more appealing than a 1031 for many people who are considering disposition.

One of the most common things that we hear on a daily basis is that people wouldn’t mind selling their apartment if they could 1031 into something else that performs better than what they currently have. Likewise, many people would consider selling if they didn’t have to pay, or could defer, their capital gains on the sale. Since most investors are familiar with 1031 exchanges, we looked for other ways that owners might be able to defer their taxes. Here are a few options:

Here are some highlights of the Deferred Sales Trust that look very attractive for clients who have highly appreciated assets.

  • No 1031 exchange required so there's no rush to stick to the 45/180 day timeline

  • Sell now while the market is at a high and buy back into the market at any time

  • Diversify your holdings in different assets or markets

  • Allows partners in a deal to take their individual proceeds and find different investments

We’ve identified a few different service providers so that you can check this out to do your due diligence and see if this might work for you:

Capital Gains Tax Solutions 1031 Gateway Atlas 1031 Let us know if we can help and if you think this might be a solution for you. If you’d like a complimentary BOV for your property to see what it might trade for in today’s market, call me and our we’ll be glad to put one together for you.

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